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Digital Art

"Art is making something out of nothing, and selling it."
~ Frank Zappa

Photographs (either digital photos or scanned prints) manipulated by distorting, colouring, layering and drawing upon them using computer image editing software. Also graphics, cartoons and composite "collages" of public domain vintage illustrations. Some resulting images are merely enhanced versions of others (colours changed, cropped, filters applied, etc.), yet some are so heavily altered that they have become are original works of art unto themselves. Where possible the original source images have been supplied for comparison.


Digital Photo Manipulation Severus Veritaserum Dear Professor The Prince's Kiss The Vapours
  Archway Umbrella Purple Corset    


Belle Bite Me Boradwalk Courtesan  

Vintage Image Manipulation

The Lovers Corset N.D. Pumpkin Queen Spring Stroll Embassy Ball
Digital Graphics Serpent Crest Cauldron Pink Corset