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Fashion Design

"Punk was just a way to sell trousers."
~ Malcolm McLaren

Corsets, hats, handbags, masks, necklaces, earrings and more, embellished with luxurious fabrics, decadent feathers, antiqued metals, precious gems, sparkling crystal, romantic cameos, and faux flowers. All derived from a great love of historical costume, and a taste for the unusual. To purchase from an ever-changing selection of unique hand-crafted items, visit Art of Adornment.


Corsets Brocade Corset Straight-Front Corset Striped Corset Moulin Corset  
Costume Fancy Top Hat Jabot Moulin Skirt Bird Mask Lucrezia Top Hat
Handbags 2 Gothic Bags 2 Corset Bags 2 Themed Bags 2 Gothic Bags 2 Corset Bags
Jewelry Chokers Necklaces Earrings Other Jewelry