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Letters To The Artist



"Please write again soon. Though my own life is filled with activity, letters encourage momentary escape into others lives and I come back to my own with greater contentment."
~ Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey, A Woman of Independent Means

Over the past few years, several people have sent letters (email) expressing their interest in the artwork and the website, or have just "dropped a line" to share their thoughts. Some of the more intriguing, bizarre and thoughtful ones are included here. (Letters have not been edited for grammar, spelling or content). Feel free to submit your own.



February 2008

Dear Ms. Valerian,

I absolutely love the effect your style comes out as. It seems to have a lot of feeling to it without coming off as being very complex. ((However, I’m not saying it –isn’t- complex; It’s just very unique and refreshing).

I have been working very hard to develop my own skills as I’ve only started 1 ½ years ago developing my own skills in art. I’ve found copying sketches by Matisse and Raffaelo to be very helpful, but may I ask- What helped you develop yours the most?

Either way, I love your art and I’m going to show it to Lindsay (a friend of mine) who will be very interested in your techniques. Her art usually comes out somewhat dark too. Keep on with your art. It’s fantastic.


- Lisa I.(Canada)



Dear Ms. Foster,

I'm very glad to have stumbled across Art of Adornment! I remember seeing your 'Redhead (Nightclub #2)' painting a few summers ago in the Emily Carr alumni show and absolutely loving it; it was one of my favourites among all the pieces on display. I also recall seeing your posts on but it never occurred to me to look for more of your work online for whatever reason... It's nice to finally find out who the artist behind the painting is, and I'm also thrilled to have found your jewelry. Your work is lovely, and I will certainly be purchasing something from Art of Adornment when I get the chance.

Thank you for sharing your talent!

- Zoe (Canada)



July 2006


I just came across your site and let me tell you, you create some gorgeous pieces of art! I myself have been wanting to make my own designs and after seeing yours I have found the inspiration I needed. I just don't know where to start! Jewellery, hair accesories, clothing, home decor... I have so many ideas and want to do so many things! But I'll make sure to let you know when I finally get into it. I'd appreciate your feedback then. The Gothic scene here in my country just needs to be beautified!

Congratulations for your beautiful work!
With admiration,

- Julie
Lady Alzirr (Mexico)



November 2005

Ahoy-hoy. I know it's been a while since you made those royal cat's eye custom earrings for me, but I recently gave them to my girlfriend as part of her anniversary gifts. I just wanted you to know that she LOVED them. She said they were "perfect," "amazing" and "beautiful" and could not wait to see them with the choker. You should have seen her face light up. I thought you'd like to know what she thought. Thanks a lot, Elaine. I appreciate it. Anytime I need something beautiful to give, I'll come to you.

- Alexander (USA)



Hello,my name is Jan
I had an opportunity to see your works and i have to say it's realy fantastick!I Enjoy your sites very much.I wish you a good luck...

- Jan (Czech Republic)



February 2005

I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for such a great transaction. I left you feedback, but they really dont give you enough space to say it all....not when I was so very pleased with everything from your communication of when the item was shipped to how absolutely gorgeous the necklace really is. So for that I sincerely thank you!! Have a great day!

- Joey (USA)



November 2004

Dear queenvalerian,

Hello ! I ûrchased for you a while ago but due yto my loss of internet, i could not thank you properly. I am so happy of my purchase. Especially the earrings. I am sensitive, I don't stand much else than gold on my ears but your earings just fit me perfectly and don't hurt at all ! I absolutly love them. Thank you soooo much !!!!

- Akashka (France)



Hello Elaine....

The QUEEN has a new home! She's lovely. WoW, what a difference a piece of artwork can do to a room. Changes the whole mood. Her colors really pop on the chartreuse wall. I've taken a picture which I'll mail to you when the film is developed {also for insurance purposes}. I'm so glad my husband and I were able to obtain her. Worth the wait! It's also exciting to own our first piece of "original" art. I work for the Bombay Company and own many "prints" but this is a fabulous feeling. Hopefully I'm on your mailing list for updates on any new works? I'll check your website often though. Thank you so much and know that "you" will be happy here in the L.A. area. Thank you again,

- Tiphanie (USA)



August 2004

Hello there,

Just wanted to let you know that we received all three pictures we won off Ebay. They did have a slight bend to them, but nothing that would affect the matting or picture.

The pictures are wonderful. My wife loves them and has already found a new home for them. As of this posting, I am listing positive feedback. We are very happy with your prompt service, courtesy, communication, and above all, the artwork itself. We look forward to seeing what you offer in the future. Thanks again.

- Mark (USA)



July 2004

got your first painting today and it is absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much for your careful packaging, the post can be so rough on things. I just wanted you to know it will have a good home! You have amazing talent and I'm so glad to get some of your work.

Thanks again.

- Beth (USA)


June 2004

hi! my name is jen and i just happened to come across your website...i think your art is great and your photography is amazing..i am too in going to be a senior in high school next year and im going to be advanced in photo...i just want to say i love your style and just seeing that you put your work out there gives me motivation and makes me want to become more creative and also expose my work! thank you for being so talented!

much love,

- jen. (?)



April 2004

Hi, just flowing through the Goth site, decided to email someone, you're it (tag!) Sigh, okay now this is lame, do I send this? Well yes, why, due to my adventure today, I thought why not, meet someone new and alienate someone all together (I walk by so many people all day, no one ever looks you in the eye, and when they do, they turn away- is that fear, or annoyance of our own species?)

Well Valerian, meet mrfrosty....,me......who knows, maybe I'll sneak away from my Cove hut to venture and see Chris play this Sunday (?) If you feel like a gander, try this site out, it's addictive though, as the Brazilians will tell you...

Ciao ;)

- Mr. Frosty (Canada)


dear Queen V

you will most likely draw a complete blank as to the person writing this, that is however normal since you and i never formally met in person and only breifly through written posts to your msn community site Gothic Unlimited.

i have just found your website and wanted to tell you that your works are an inspiration to me. you are the artisit that i have failed to become and the passion that lives within your canvas stirs the soul. you possess the ablity to freeze a moment in time and recreate that moment with all the movement and flavor of a master, the canvas your humble servant of expression. your talent is truly worthy of complements and praise far above my limited ability.

while all the peices appeal to me i confess that the one of Jezz is my favorite. i knew him while he lived in victoria and this portrait of him reminds me of the softer side, the contemplative side of him that the casual stranger never saw; he is more than the swirly drunken man that so many pass/toss him off as. the beautiful music man dancing to the muses' silent beat within his soul. your ability to capture him in this manner makes me smile and remember him fondly, even though i am far away. i miss him dearly and his ability to make things seem less immense. you know not what gift you have given me and for this i thank you.

* he would know me by the name ariel .. or by the silly litte tease we had when he would call me 'buffy' and i would call him 'michael'

- Buffy J. (Canada)



March 2004

You've probably heard this before, but I still find it funny.

I actually found your work through a series of painting objects adapted for 'The Sims'. I forget exactly where I got them, but it was interesting to finally find your website and see the images in larger, clearer version.

I'm a cartoonist in Toronto, I'd consider myself an artist, but I have had no training, and my range of medium is limited... so it's mostly been just illustrations and sketches...

I'm 25, and interested in 'Gothic' culture, but I'm not terribly fond of the 'goth' clubs we have here... as they tend to be very noisy and rave-like. I've heard there's a more relaxed, settled in scene over on the west coast. I don't much like noise or crowds, so that definately appeals to me... I'm getting too old for the in-crowd.

^This is my site, it's probably a flaming pile, but of course I'd say that. Feel free to point a finger at me and screech 'furry!', because I do draw anthros. Long silly in-story, oh well.

Good luck living off your work! I know how hard that is.

- Seraph (Canada)



February 2004

My friend and I were looking at pictures of Geo Metros because I have one and love it to death. And we found the picture of you with your Geo looking oh-so-proud. It's nice to see other people with Geos. They're nice little cars. Just thought you'd possibly on the off chance be interested in sharing the love of Geos. Here's a picture of mine. I swear I'm not a psycho. Well... not too much.

- UnforgivenAngel (USA)



October 2003

I just took a look at your site, and I have to say I really like your work. Your use of color really sets a tone and evokes emotion.

- the_grrrl (?)



March 2003

Hi there, I recently stumbled on to your page and I just wanted to tell you that it's very well done, the art is fantastic and it's nice to see a goth that's not pretentious. And I notice you like Lexx, as well, truly awesome :) I just got the first Series 4 DVD the other day....anyways, nice site once again and keep up the good work. Oh, and I'm sorry if I seem a bit weird just sending an e-mail like this, I tend to do that when I see a page I like. Ok, that's all ;) Be marvelous!

- Ryan (?)



January 2003


I Stumbled across your site somehow, I like it . :-) I too am into the Goth subculture, though (as I wish I could!) I have not been in nearly as long, more like three or four years. I love your artwork, I do portraits in acrylic and charcoal. :-)

Well, just telling you I enjoyed poking around your site.

-l- Ashley -l- (?)



November 2002

Hi, I stumbled across your site today and couldn't help noticing how much you remind me of myself...I too wear black clothes and dyed my hair black, and the term "goth" and even "Devil Worhipper" or "Satan Lover" has often come up among the hallways of my typical, stereo-types-'R-Us high school. I am pretty sure people are only joking when they say those things because no one at my school is open-minded enough to actually accept something so different from their boring, ordinary lives. And once I thought, "Maybe I am a goth." But I had to stop and ask myself what a goth is. I couldn't answer, and anyone I asked said "someone that worships the devil" or some other stupid answer. I stopped caring and kept on wearing black and doing what I want to do. Now I'm happy, and my dog gets his white fur all over my clothes, and it takes days to get it all off.

And seeing your artwork and all the things you've done, it refreshes me to know that the labels don't apply to everyone, because I think, after being around so many immature people, that I've begun to question my own beliefs. You've reassured me that I'm normal in my way, just as you are. Thanks for being so thoughtful for the rest of us that have no energy to think! (haha.)

- Nicole - (?)