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Valerian: Dark Fashion Gothic Portrait Art by Elaine Foster  




Valerian: Dark Fashion Gothic Portrait Art by Elaine Foster

Artist Elaine Foster

Painter, jewelry artisan, milliner, fashion accessories designer, picture framer, webmistress, and web designer.

valerian: n. (Latin) fem. valeriana

1. a preparation of the dried rhizome and roots of the garden heliotrope (Valeriana officinalis) that is used as an herbal remedy and is held to be beneficial in treating nervousness and insomnia.

2. nickname of an eccentric female Canadian artist with a steady and aloof personality.


Recent News:

2013 Fine Art Calendars Now Available!
Art of Valerian 2011 Calendar
Art of Valerian 2011 Calendar
11"x17" Full Colour Horizontal - More Sizes Available!
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March 2012:

Nine paintings of antique corsets and shoes featured in USA Network's television series "Psych", season 6, episode 11.
Episode airs on March 7. (USA)

October 2009:
Link to Convergence 15 photo gallery added to the Darkroom.
Oct. 31 - One-night group show "Something Wicked This Way Comes (#10)", Club 23 West (Vancouver, Canada)

January 2009:
23 new photos uploaded to the Darkroom, plus link to Convergence 13 photo gallery added.

November 2008:
Nov. 8 - One-night group show "Decadence", Club 23 West (Vancouver, Canada)

September 2008:
Sep .25 - Jewelry and hat designs used as costume in "The Sanguinarian" independent film (Idaho, USA).

June 2006:
June 1-30 - "Artist of the Month", Liquitex Artist Materials (

September 2005:
Sept. 8-17 - "Hive: A New Works Group Show", Blue Cobalt Studios (Vancouver, Canada)

January 2004:
Featured in the "Emerging Artists" column of New York's Art Business News magazine. (Jan. 2004, p.56)

Sorry, Elaine is no longer doing commission work.

The Artist's Creed:
"Inspiration is often derived from those who have come before us, however an artist should never duplicate the work of another, for it goes against the very spirit of what feeds our creativity."

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